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Welcome to the International Bateson Institute's wiki encyclopedia and resource site.

This site is dedicated to providing explanations and descriptions of past and current Batesonian concepts, along with related concepts from the complexity sciences and other appropriate disciplines. Some of the fields and disciplines include:

* cybernetics * anthropology * biology * education * sociology
* technology * architecture * the arts * biosemiotics * communication
* medicine * immunology * ecology * cognitive psychology * psychology & therapy
* systems thinking * metapatterns * research * transcontextuality * philosophy

A Brief History

Gregory Bateson was one of the leading intellects of the 20th Century. He resisted specialization in order to think about the larger and more complex issues facing society. He was part of the initial group of people who founded cybernetics in the 1940's and 1950's. He worked in anthropology, psychology, biology, and a variety of other fields, while trying to understand the big questions of how systems work and interact, of what patterns connect all living things, and of how we might "see" the world and think differently in order to prevent ecological destruction.

Gregory's father was William Bateson. William was a biologist who popularized the work of Gregor Mendel and who coined the term "genetics." He also was a systems thinker, decades before systems thinking was established. And, he was a transdisciplinarian, which set the context for Gregory's extension of this type of thinking.

The complexity sciences have arisen from the work of William and Gregory. And, it is to these two Batesons that this site is dedicated. And, now Nora Bateson, Gregory's younger daughter, is continuing the legacy with the establishment of the International Bateson Institute (IBI).

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